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Aesthetics School Training
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Morris Code Beauty® School of Aesthetics 
& Paramedical Aesthetics 

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide an exciting program, state-of-the-art facility with a well-planned curriculum for our students, that will put you ahead in this fast growing industry. The function of the school is to provide a professional environment where students learn the theory and gain practical (hands-on) experience in Aesthetics. We will prepare all students for their Georgia State Aesthetics Written and Practical Board Exams.


Morris Code Beauty® School of Aesthetics’ primary goal is to educate students in such a manner that he/she will graduate with the knowledge to excel as a skin care professional service provider and excel as an entrepreneur in the skin care aesthetics industry. 


Our onsite Morris Code Beauty® Advanced Aesthetics Skin Care Clinic will be developed to enable our students to experience a real-life Clinic atmosphere which allows each student the opportunity to regularly work with actual clients in a clinical environment. Students, under direct supervision of licensed Georgia State Aesthetician instructors, will provide our Clinic's clientele with professional skin and body treatments, with detailed instructions on skin care maintenance and professional treatment protocols. This "hands-on" learning model will help students gain real world experience and develop confidence when diagnosing (assessing) a variety of skin conditions. After client's assessment, students will know how to prescribe the correct products and treatment modalities (techniques) for each client's skin condition. The students, instructors and clients will benefit from this unique "hands-on" learning model.

Facility & Equipment

Our school will have multiple theory classrooms, separate practical classrooms, a senior state-of-the-art clinic/lab designed as a Morris Code Beauty® Advanced Aesthetics Skin Care Clinic. Each room will be equipped with the latest aesthetics equipment, including High Frequency, Galvanic, Steamers, Microdermabrasion, Paraffin Warmers, Hydraulic Skin Care Beds, Body Treatment Rooms, Waxing Units, Hot Towel Cabinets, Sterilizers and more. We will also offer advanced classes for Laser and other more advanced treatments....

Career Advancement & Job Placement Opportunities

We have national plans to expand our Morris Code Beauty® Advanced Aesthetics Skin Care Clinics & Hair Care Clinics throughout Georgia and other US States. Our long-term corporate goal is to professionally train, certify, license and assist our Morris Code Beauty® School of Aesthetics graduates with job placement/career opportunities with our Morris Code Beauty® Skin Care Clinic & Hair Care Clinic Franchisee locations.  Morris Code Beauty® currently has 17 proprietary skin care products that are used regularly by consumers throughout the USA and Canada. Morris Code Beauty® also has a number of "for-professional-use-only" skin care products that are used by licensed Aestheticians in the treatment rooms to correct a variety of skin conditions. Our Advanced Aesthetics training creates a strategic opportunity for our company to expand our Morris Code Beauty® Advanced Aesthetics Skin Care Products & Service brand worldwide. We look forward to growing together! 

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