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Aesthetics School Training
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 Foundations of Aesthetics

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Your skin is the largest organ of your body and the most visible. That’s why it’s so important to take good care of it our entire life. Your clients need to take care of their skin on a routine basis in order to correct troubled areas and prevent signs of aging. The fountain of youth for their skin can be as simple as using good daily skin care products and getting non-invasive skin care treatments from you on a regular basis. However in order to keep your client's coming back they need to see visible results!


Morris Code Beauty® Foundations of Aesthetics Course

Course time approx: 4 hours (in-person or by Zoom Meeting)

Increase your understanding of how to assess and treat problematic skin with Altra Morris - Licensed Paramedical Aesthetician in Advanced Aesthetics, Educator and President of the Award Winning Morris Code Beauty® Advanced Aesthetics Skin Care Company.  Altra has been in the medical profession for over 18 years. She also has almost 2 decades of experience as  a Licensed Skin Care Specialist in Advanced Aesthetics working directly with clinical clients and with professional skin care product development Chemist.


This course takes you through the foundation and essentials of aesthetics, making sure your core knowledge of skin care is sound. With this training you will be able to properly determine your client's skin care needs, make effective product and treatment recommendations, and visibly improve the condition of their skin. The 5 sessions in this one-day course include the following:

What is Included:


(5) 40-minute sessions:

  • Session 1: Common Skin Conditions

  • Session 2: Function of the Skin (Physiology)

  • Session 3: Skin Analysis & Consultation

  • Session 4: Hands-On Skin Care Treatment Demonstration

  • Session 5: Quiz / Q & A Session (Questions & Answers)


Who is this course for?

  • Licensed Estheticians needing a refresher on aesthetics and problematic skin assessment

  • Licensed Cosmetologists considering adding skin care services to your business

  • Nurse Practitioners, LPN & RN's considering careers in aesthetics.

  • Professionals in skin care product retail sales



  • Increase your understanding of skin care fundamentals

  • Backup your treatment and product recommendations with science

  • Communicate your knowledge more effectively

  • Build better relationships with clients

  • Expand on your current knowledge of aesthetics

  • Earn a certificate of completion

  • Attendees can also order MC® products wholesale for your business!


Don’t live in the US? International enrollees dial our toll free WhatsApp number at: +16787093775 for over-the-phone or free WhatsApp video calls.

Altra Morris

Altra Morris

Student Course Completion Photo

Allison has now been a Licensed Esthetician for over 25 years

Student MC Course Completion Photo

Christian is now the proud owner of

Levey Beauty Studio in Macon, Ga.

Kendall Licensed Esthetician

Kendall now has a career as a Licensed Aesthetician at a Chiropractic Office

Advanced Aesthetic Courses Also Available!

School of Aesthetics Labtime


Clinically Proven! Recommended by
Licensed Paramedical Aestheticians Everywhere.

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