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  • This hydrating multi-purpose skin serum calms, soothes and moisturizes dehydrated, and irritated skin. It is also formulated for use under the eyes. By combining natural ingredients along with marine and botanical extracts this serum contains anti-inflammatory and conditioning peptides that tightens the skin on the face and under the eye while also diminishing dark circles. The calming serum immediately relieves burning, stinging, redness and itching after shaving or waxing.

    This serum is highly recommended for both men and women that also suffer from razor bumps. This product delivers instant comfort!

    Directions: Apply to cleansed skin or as needed. Use 2-4 drops on face , neck and Under eyes. Next apply Morris Code moisturizer and sunscreen (SPF 30). CODE 03, 2oz.

    Soothing Peptide Serum

    SKU: 604220951441
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